Canadian regulator asks for fracking fluid info

Feb. 5, 2014, UPI 

CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 5 (UPI) — The National Energy Board in Canada is asking energy companies to submit information about hydraulic fracturing fluid 30 days after work is completed.

NEB requests fracking fluid contents.

NEB requests fracking fluid contents.

The NEB, an independent regulator with headquarters in Alberta, said it was asking oil and gas companies operating under pertinent legislation to offer up what’s in their hydraulic fracturing fluids within 30 days of completing an operation.

Hydraulic fracturing, known also as fracking, uses trace amounts of chemicals mixed with water and abrasives, often sand, to open small fissures in shale formations to release oil and natural gas. Critics of the practice say some of those chemicals pose a threat to the environment.

NEB said Tuesday energy companies are asked to submit information ranging from trade names, purpose and ingredients to the website.

NEB announced plans for the request in November. Some companies have expressed reservations about the disclosure, saying the makeup of their fracking fluids is a trade secret.

Fracking is credited in part with the major increase in North American oil and natural gas production.

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