Member Surveys

Welcome to our new member survey page. 

Please take a minute and complete the following survey on member training needs. Your answers will help us to provide training opportunities that meet your needs!

Member Training Needs Survey


1) Are your Training / Education requirements currently being met? If you answered Yes, please go to question 5 If you answer No, please continue to the next question

2) What is the reason(s) that the Training / Education needs of your Organization are not being met? Please check all applicable:

3) What area(s) of training or education are you requiring? Please check all applicable:

4) What course(s) do you require or are of particular interest? Please check all applicable:

5) Has anyone from your organization attended any of the following WSABC Sessions?

6) We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please advance to the next window, complete the submission and provide any comments you might have on your training requirements.

Please complete our training survey to help us determine if your needs are being met.

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